Position Paper


Cross-Industry Initiative (CII)

The Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), an ad-hoc coalition of nearly 60 EU-wide, national organisations and companies, of which ECFIA is a founding member, is aimed at achieving better regulation when managing chemicals in the workplace. In particular, the initiative proposes that workplace legislation be recognised as the most effective risk management option for substances where there is a need to address a risk limited to the workplace. Its members represent manufacturers as well as downstream users of chemicals, large companies and SMEs. Overall, CII members account directly and indirectly for several millions jobs in the European Union, both in traditional and innovative technologies.

Activities carried out by the CII include research and exchange of views among members, to prepare documentation and define consistent and concrete proposals with a view to streamlining chemicals management in the EU. The outcomes of this work is then regularly presented to and discussed with the European Commission, other EU and national authorities, social partners and other stakeholders.

The CII has launched a website at http://www.cii-reach-osh.eu to better inform policy makers of its goals and arguments. The CII hopes to provide policy makers and stakeholders with a more in-depth view of the initiative’s positions by publishing its position papers, question and answer documents and more information about the initiative itself.