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ECFIA stays in close contact with other industry groups representing HTIW in their respective regions. We have maintained a long-standing transatlantic partnership with the HTIW-Coalition, representing the HTIW industry in North America and have collaborated on various aspects of our work, most importantly the joint Product Stewardship Program. 

We have also established cooperation with our Japanese partner organisation JHIWA to share information on best practice and scientific developments.                                                                                


Other industry groups

ECFIA has partnered with Eurometaux, predominantly in matters related to REACH (the EU Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation and authoristaion of Chemicals). Eurometaux is an accredited stakeholder with the the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), representings metals and inorganic substances. ECFIA members are active in several Eurometaux working groups, aiming at supporting the adequate implementation of REACH for inorganic materials.

ECFIA is a founding member of the Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), an ad-hoc coalition of nearly 60 EU-wide, national organisations and companies. The aim of the CII is to achieve better regulation when managing chemicals in the workplace. In particular, the initiative advocates for a better recognition of workplace legislation as the most effective risk management option. 

The CII has launched a website at to better inform policy makers of its goals and arguments. The CII hopes to provide policy makers and stakeholders with a more in-depth view of the initiative’s positions by publishing its position papers, question and answer documents and more information about the initiative itself.

Cooperation with the scientific community / Think Tank

Throughout its existence, ECFIA has cooperated with science and academia on a range of topics including material science and engineering, health effects as well as environmental and socio-economic impact of HTIW use. Our scientific partners are recognised experts in their fields and many are also accredited advisors to the EU and national regulatory bodies.

University of Cincinnati
Fraunhofer ITEM
Heriot Watt University
Hochschule Koblenz
Montana State University
RWTH Aachen