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CARE Guidance Videos

PIMEX videos

The PIMEX system is a real time visualisation technique, that can be used in various HTIW related applications to help evaluate the effect of various factors in the working environment on the generation of fibrous dust in air. This technique can help to inform about the potential impact of these factors on individual exposure.

Consideration of the nature of the product used, the type of task undertaken, the level of control measures and an individuals’ behaviour, can influence the emission of fibrous dust into the air.

PIMEX has been used in various scenarios to demonstrate both good and bad practices. We show the differences that simple changes to handling practices can make to the amount of dust generated in various common job situations – the following videos clips using PIMEX, demonstrate this point.

(N.B.The dust concentration levels within the videos are purely indicative, of total, thoracic and respirable dust concentrations and not absolute.)

Cutting Blanket comparison of techniques using Pimex
Cleaning comparison of techniques using Pimex
Stacking fibre products comparison of techniques using Pimex
Cutting board a comparison of techniques using Pimex