Exposure Control / CARE Programme

  • In 1996, ECFIA initiated an industrial hygiene assistance programme known as CARE: „Controlled and Reduced Exposure“.
  • Cornerstone of the programme consists of industrial hygiene surveys.
  • ECFIA hygienists evaluate workplace control methods and monitor personal concentrations of fibrous dust.
  • Fibre counting is done by an independent laboratory using phase-contrast optical microscopy (PCOM) in accordance with WHO Euro counting rules.
  • During the last nine years of the CARE programme, a total of over 4.822 ATWA measurements were conducted.
  • These measurements were the result of regular monitoring at ECFIA primary production plants and of surveys at customers‘ premises.

Sampling Strategy

As it is impractical to sample all workers a statistically based stratified sampling programme has been devised to collect representative data. Selected individuals are monitored, with separate filters for each task, for an entire shift. Work with HTIW has been classified into the following ‚functional categories‘, all of which are sampled at a frequency proportional to the number of workers employed in each job:

HTIW production: in manufacturing only

Finishing: sanding, grinding, sawing, die cutting, milling or routing

Installation: fitting, packing, wrapping, cutting, tamping and hardware installation

Removal: mould knockout, clean-up/disposal, disassembly, furnace maintenance

Assembly operations: encapsulation/lamination, stapling, sewing, cutting, ball milling and dry mixing

Modules: all activities related to module manufactur

Mixing/forming: mixing and forming

Auxiliary operations: maintenance, handling /shipping, clean-up, supervision, laboratory

Other: textile, automotive and other operations not classified elsewhere

ECFIA Workplace Recommendation Documents

These „CARE Guidance“ documents form a comprehensive library of information on safe handling and use of HTIW products. They have been written by industry experts and are designed to give customers of ECFIA members helpful information to put in place effective controls to minimise exposure to airborne fibres. This series of documents will progressively grow as new documents are produced.

ECFIA Action on passive exposure

Download and read more detailed information on CARE and passive exposure to HTIW dust.

ECFIA Action on CARE Programme

Download and read more detailed information on ECFIA´s CARE Programme.

Product Stewardship Programme

The CARE programme is only one aspect of ECFIA´s Product Stewardship Programme.

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