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  • Be the European expert on HTIW focussing on environment, health & safety
  • Provide fact based, scientific and empirical information concerning HTIW to workers, users and policy makers
  • Deploy and manage a comprehensive Product Stewardship Programme for the manufacture and use of HITW products
  • Promote suitable risk management & best practice for handling HITW products

What does ECFIA hope to achieve?

  • Rational and qualified communication on the possibilities and benefits associated with the inherent characteristics of HTIW.
  • Contribute to the environmental goals set for the industry by the EU by providing advanced and sophisticated insulation solutions.
  • Establish and promote the best available techniques for the safe handling and use of HTIW
  • A long-lasting cooperation with EU authorities and national regulatory agencies.
By recognizing and supporting the efforts made to study and control the use of our products we aim to encourage regulators to treat our current and developing products appropriately and classify them accordingly.
ECFIA’s Brochure

Download and read more detailed information on High Temperature Insulation Wool and ECFIA’s work.


Throughout its existence ECFIA has supported and published studies concerning the different aspects of HTIW.

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Product Stewardship Programme

Further information on ECFIA’s programme known as „Product Stewardship Programme (PSP)“

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